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What is hospitality?

We often use this word lavishly during our conversations. Corporate companies even include it as their core offering and exhibit its sense as per their own interpretation. Individuals boast of their experience in this field on their professional and social networks. However, no one really means it or lives it in essence.

According to an article titled “Defining the Hospitality Discipline: a Discussion of Pedagogical and Research Implications”  published in the Journal of Hospitality Tourism & Research, August 2009, Vol. 33 no. 3263-283; authors Michael Ottenbacher, Robert Harrington and H.G.Parsa mention Hospitality as a “powerful economic activity that touches many aspects of human life.” Furthermore, they also argue  hospitality to be a relatively new academic discipline that has no consensus on its scope and exposure.

Since then; a variety of definitions for hospitality have been published. However,  hospitality still remains a broad term consisting of a diverse group of industries. This situation creates substantial issues in terms of the external validity in the hospitality publications and raises the question of whether unique and identifiable dimensions of hospitality exist that separates it as an independent field. The multidimensional nature of the hospitality construct is what makes it a dynamic field of study and establishment.

The word “Hospitality” originated from the ancient Latin word “Hospitalis” and was first used sometime in the 14th Century. The Webster’s dictionary defines this word as the “generous and friendly treatment of visitors and guests”.

Today, in true words; hospitality is nothing but providing “service from the heart”.

In the Blogs to come; we shall see how this word can be tamed into something more manageable in the behavioral management discussions and later see the evolution of Customer Managed Relationships.